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5 Law Enforcement Officer Tips for Staying Fit

law-enforcement-officer-health-tipsFitness is an integral part of being a law enforcement officer. It keeps you healthy and provides you with a steady stream of energy. It helps you fight stress and cuts back on your chances of getting sick thanks to a healthier immune system. If you’re not in shape and you’re even a bit overweight, are you really going to be able to pursue a suspect in a chase on foot or subdue an individual you have gotten down on the ground?

Read on to find out about these law enforcement officer health tips you can use for staying fit so you can look better, feel better, and do your job better.

1. Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet is necessary if you want to actually have the energy to get fit! Vitamins, minerals, and fiber in fruits and vegetables will help you have more energy– energy that you can use to hit the gym or get good workouts in. Try to cut out junk food on your quest to be more fit. You can indulge in not as healthy foods once in a while, but try to keep the portion size down. You don’t want a meal of potato chips to outweigh the tiny cup of raw broccoli you eat. If anything, ti should be the other way around. You can’t really run with a full stomach of Chinese food, either. You get the picture. A smoothie and hitting the gym might be better than two Big Macs and a fry. At least in terms of energy and feeling better.

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking is horrible for you, as you as a smoker likely know. It’s hard to ignore the fact that smoking can cause incredible short term and long term damage. It reduces your heath, depresses your immune system, and can cause serious diseases that can cause complications or even death. It’s one of the main causes of heart disease for men and women in the United States. Heart disease is one of the top killers. Keep your heart healthy with some cardio, not cigarettes. Say goodbye to cigarettes and use nicotine cessation products if you have to.

3. Set New Fitness Goals

When’s the last time you could run two miles on the treadmill without stopping to catch your breath? How many pushups could you do right now if you had to? Could you run up a flight of stairs? As we go on and do our work and get older it can be easier to let our fitness slide. Set some new fitness goals and try to reach those goals. It will help you measure success and mark your progress.

4. Try New Things

As a law enforcement officer, you should be in shape to achieve the best results while you’re working. Try new things and you can inject some fresh flavor into your fitness routines. Whether it’s going to a new place to run, doing some fitness workouts outdoors, swimming at the local pool or playing tennis with your friends, try to find some new ways to be your healthiest. Work yourself slowly into shape by gradually incorporating more and more challenging activities into your fitness schedule.

5. Keep It Up

Don’t quit your fitness routine! Always try to do something that improves your fitness a couple of times a week to stay sharp. If you don’t move it, you lose it, so be sure to keep on moving it and stay fit in the field.

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