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5 Tips for Police Officers to Improve Productivity

shirt stay garter for police uniformsWhen it comes to serving as a police officer, you must take care of your health in order to do your job. That means having mental sharpness and being able to stay productive at work. Here are some tips that can help you improve your productivity and stay focused on the job!

1. Keep a Routine

A daily routine will keep you getting to work on time and in the right state. Just figuring it out on the fly in the morning may work for a while, but if you’re constantly hoping that you hit your alarm and get out the door on time, it’s time to shake things up.

Arrange your routine so that it eliminates not only as much stress as possible but still stay efficient. Once you wake up you’re essentially working with a set number of minutes to shower, get dressed, eat or buy breakfast, brush your teeth, get your uniform on, and get out that door. If there’s no room in your schedule for your car not starting or a long line at the drive through for a breakfast sandwich, you need to make some. There will be a time where everything goes wrong and you end up being totally unprepared.

Not only that, you have to be sharp at work. If you need to buy an automated coffee machine, a louder alarm, or get better sleep, make sure you do it! You want to be ready to go into work and put in a full day’s work– and that involves you being early/on time and coherent. A routine will help you do that.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep will let you do your job, while not enough will start sabotaging you quickly. If you love your job, it’s up to you to make sure that you’re prepared for it. Starting a nightly routine can help with this– avoid television or the computer in the late hours. Be sure to cut back on caffeine hours before you go to sleep.

Getting enough sleep helps you be alert, have more focus, and cuts back on sleep-related risks, such as heart disease, obesity, and even earlier death. You’ll be more productive and alert if you get a good night’s sleep. This also may require checking to see if you have sleep apnea, a condition when you keep waking up because your brain thinks you’re suffocating, resulting in poor sleep among other things. Get a sleep study done if you’re constantly tired.

3. Stay Fit

Staying fit of course has numerous benefits, but if you’re a police officer, it’s practically essential. Working out on a regular basis will help you stay fit, alert, have better blood flow, increased energy, better mental health and a lesser chance of getting sick.

4. Eat Healthy Snacks

You’re usually on the go as an officer, and because of that it’s important to eat proper snacks. Skip the processed stuff and junk food as much as possible– it’s loaded with too much sodium, sugar, and empty calories. Either bring healthy options with you to work or grab the healthiest possible choice while on the go to stay focused. High processed items will likely only lead to a crash.

best shirt stay garter for police uniforms5. Wear Shirt Stays With Your Uniforms

One last simple productivity tip– wear one of these uniform shirt stays. It’ll save you time tucking your shirt in while on the run so you can focus on doing your job and not your shirt!