Cotton Face Masks

Cotton Face Masks

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This is a 3-pack of cotton face masks, each mask consisting of three (3) layers of 100% cotton.  The masks are pleated which allows them to expand, and they feature elastic ear loops to attach to the head.  Each mask is two colors:  black and teal, or black and burgundy.  The masks may be worn on either side (reversible).  They are a one-size-fits-all and are designed for adults.  They will likely be too large for children, though you could modify the ear loops on your own if desired for a tighter fit.  Sold as a 3-pack.  Made in USA.  

  • Features a pleated design that expands
  • 3-layers of 100% cotton (pre-shrunk)
  • Adult size (one size fits all) with elastic ear loops
  • Sides are different colors so you can tell which side was exposed
  • Machine wash & dry to sanitize
  • NOT medical-grade PPE
  • NOT CDC or FDA reviewed or approved


These masks are two-colors with the exterior and elastic in black, and the interior in your choice of either teal or burgundy.  This is so that you can easily tell which side is the outside if you take the mask off.  The masks are reversible, but be sure to thoroughly launder and disinfect the mask before reversing it (i.e. don't reverse it while you are wearing it).

These masks are NOT intended to replace social distancing procedures, frequent hand washing or use of PPE respirators and surgical masks by healthcare professionals.

First Responder or Healthcare Worker?
We have discounted pricing on masks for healthcare workers and first responders (including Police, Military, Fire/EMS).  Use code HERODISCOUNT30 for 30% off.  Enter the code in the shopping cart during the checkout process.  

These masks are NOT considered as approved PPE or as a replacement for N95 respirators or medical-grade PPE and we make no claims as to their effectiveness in filtering viruses. 

Need More Information?

Read about why we've shifted our factory to produce face coverings or check out the FAQ's about our new face mask products.

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