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    Update 08.24.2020


    As of late August 2020, we have now donated thousands of masks to both healthcare workers and first responders (police, military, fire and EMS) and also sold many to the general public. 

    In the past month or two we have seen the overall supply of face masks catch up with the demand and as such both our sales and requests for donated masks has fallen dramatically. We see this as a good thing - people have masks now and the situation is not as dire as it was in April of 2020. 

    For this reason, we have now shifted our production back to manufacturing shirt stays and stopped manufacturing face masks.  We have only a very limited number of masks left and will not be manufacturing more unless the need surges again, which hopefully for everyone is not the case.

    Thank you for your support, and thank you to all first responders for the brave and selfless work you do!



    Note: We are leaving the rest of this page as it existed prior to late August 2020 as an archive regarding our face mask initiative.


    Face Mask Production: Doing Our Part

    Shirt Stay Plus has been a leading manufacturer of elastic shirt stays for the past ten years. Our primary customer based is made up of military, police and law enforcement officers - every day heroes who keep our country and communities safe. Today these heroes help protect us against a new threat: the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have converted our factory from our normal production runs of shirt stays, to focus heavily on producing face masks to help protect the heroes on the front lines as well as all Americans who are in need of face masks and face coverings during this crisis.  Learn more about how we're helping.

    Selling Masks vs. Donating Masks

    We're both selling masks AND donating masks.  Why both?  Well we currently are receiving hundreds of requests for thousands of masks to be donated every single day.  That's more cotton than we can afford to buy.  So we're taking the proceeds from the mask sales and reinvesting those in more cotton in order to donate more masks.  We donate a mask to US first responders for every pack that is purchased, along with an initial donation of 2,000 masks.   

    About Our Face Masks (Cloth Face Coverings)

    Our masks are made of 3 layers of cotton, with pleats that expand for a better fit, and 1/4" wide elastic ear loops. These masks can be used for the general public to limit the spread of the coronavirus, or by medical professionals as a cover to help extend the useable life for higher-filtration medical-grade masks (such as the N95). 

    Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about our cotton face masks and possible uses.


    For Individuals, Families & Businesses:

    Our cloth face masks fall under the "homemade masks" classification and have not been reviewed or approved by FDA.  They are designed to be used only in a crisis capacity, as they are not considered as approved PPE.  Please use these masks only in conjunction with all other recommendations such as maintaining a minimum six-foot social distance when in public, not touching your face (or mask), and frequently washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

    Note: Special pricing for healthcare workers and first responders is available here.


    3-Pack of Cotton Face Masks

    $24 for 3-pack
    ($8.00 per mask)


    This is a pack of three (3) cloth face masks for sale where each mask is a three-layer, 100% pre-shrunk cotton mask with a pleated design and elastic ear loops. You can machine-wash this mask to sanitize it. These masks are to serve as barriers only, not medical PPE equipment and they are not CDC or FDA approved.  We donate one mask for every pack purchased.


    Discounted Pricing For Healthcare Workers:

    We are pleased to offer our cotton face masks at a discount for use by healthcare professionals as well as first responders.  Please note that these masks fall under the "homemade masks" classification and are have not been reviewed or approved by FDA.  They are designed to be used only in a crisis capacity, as they are not considered as approved PPE.  

    Note: To purchase from this section you must be purchasing for use by healthcare professionals or first responders. If you are looking for masks for personal use, please see the section above.


    3-Pack of Cotton Face Masks
    (Healthcare Pricing)

    $18 for 3-pack
    ($6.00 per mask)


    This is a pack of three (3) cloth face masks for sale where each mask is a three-layer, 100% pre-shrunk cotton mask with a pleated design and elastic ear loops. You can machine-wash this mask to sanitize it. These masks are to serve as barriers only, not medical PPE equipment and they are not CDC or FDA approved.  Discounted pricing only for healthcare workers and first responders.



    Donation Masks for First Responders

    (limited supply available)

    Request Face Mask Donations


    We have a supply of masks available for donation to first responders (Police, Military, Fire/EMS).  Our supply is limited so we cannot guarantee availability, but our goal is to donate as many masks as possible.  To be added to our list, please submit this request form.




    1. PRODUCTION:  We've converted the majority of our production over to producing face masks, as of April 6, 2020.

    2. DONATIONS:  We've committed to make an initial donation of 2,000 face masks to healthcare, police and military personnel to help the fight against COVID-19, plus one mask per pack that is purchased at regular price.  These organizations can request free masks here.

    3. YOU BUY, WE DONATE:  For every pack of masks that you order at regular price, we'll donate one mask to healthcare, police and military.



    How are these face masks made? 

    Our cloth face masks are made using 100% cotton.  We wash and dry the cotton to pre-shrink it, and then cut it and sew three layers together.  The mask has pleats to help it stretch and fit better vertically around the nose and below the chin.  We then sew two elastic loops using 1/4-inch elastic, to secure the mask around the ears of the wearer.  The masks are then bagged in a plastic bag and shipped to your door. 

    What quantities and colors are available?

    The masks are available in either packs of 3.  The exterior of the masks are black, and the inner layer can either be burgundy or teal depending on your preference.  We make the sides different colors so you can tell which side was which if you were to take it off.  Technically the masks are reversible, though you should thoroughly launder the mask prior to using the alternate side.

    How long will it take to get my masks?

    Our website lists face masks in stock and when cloth face masks are in stock they will ship the next business day.  If you are looking to buy face masks online then we have face masks in stock and ready to ship. When you check out, you'll have the option to select standard (3-7 day) or expedited (2-3) day shipping.  Our masks ship from our factory in Wake Forest, NC.

    Who should wear these face masks?

    The CDC is currently recommending that all Americans wear "cloth face coverings" when out in public, while also still practicing the additional guidelines such as maintaining a minimum of 6-feet of social distancing, limiting any travel outside of the home to only essential travel, frequently washing your hands, and isolating yourself if you have any symptoms.

    We are also manufacturing cotton face masks for police and military personnel (as well as other first responders) to give away as donations.

    Healthcare professionals are advised to follow CDC protocol regarding personal protective equipment (PPE). To that extent, cloth face coverings (or cloth face masks) offer significantly less protection for the healthcare worker than other options such as N95 respirators. As such, these cloth face masks should only be used when no superior options are available, such as during a crisis or severe shortage in which the provider has no access to an N95 respirator or other higher-protection equipment. Please refer to the CDC guidelines for healthcare professionals for further details.

    Are these face masks washable?

    Yes, the masks are made from cotton and elastic.  The cotton is pre-washed to prevent shrinking.  You can machine wash and dry these masks, and in fact we recommend doing so when you first receive them as well as between uses.

    What level of filtration do these masks provide?

    These masks are considered homemade "cloth face coverings" by the CDC.  They have not been tested or evaluated for protection against bacteria and viruses for the wearer. It is important to understand that these cloth face masks do not offer the level of protection offered by medical grade surgical masks or N95 respirators.

    Where are these manufactured?

    These face masks are manufactured via a partnership between Shirt Stay Plus and MEEN Manufacturing LLC, at the MEEN Manufacturing LLC facility in Wake Forest, NC, USA.


    Please view the below additional resources regarding the use of face masks.

    How can I contribute or make a donation?

    Buy masks for yourself:  When you buy our regular price 3-packs of masks, we will donate one mask for every purchase.  These donations will be delivered to a hospital or a team of military or police personnel.

    Buy masks to donate (discounted price):  If you'd like to contribute more, you can contribute by buying masks for our donation pool.  These masks will not be shipped to you, but rather will be added to our pool for donation requests that we have received from qualifying organizations. Please note we are not a charity and as such these donations are not tax deductible.

    How can first responders request free masks?

    You can submit your request for free masks for your organization here.  As our supplies and finances are limited, we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to fill all requests, nor can we guarantee the quantity of masks we can send.  But we will do our best!  This offer is only open to healthcare professionals, police and military personnel.  If you are looking for face masks for police or first responders then please use our donation request form.





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