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    Want to help us with our face mask initiative to donate masks to police, military and first responders during the COVID-19 crisis?

    If so, great! We're a small firm and could use the help! We are trying to manufacture as many masks for donation as possible. We've committed to over 3,000 masks in our first few days and we're hoping to make many more. But the materials are costly and our financial resources are limited. Below are two ways you can help us with our mission:

    Method 1:  You buy 3, we donate 3
    If you need face masks for yourself or your family, you can purchase our masks and we will donate a mask for every mask that you purchase at full price. We sell our masks in packs of three, so the purchase of one "3-pack" means we'll ship three masks to you and also donate three masks to one of our police, military or first-responder partners who is in need of face masks. Click here to order.

    Method 2:  Make a financial donation
    You can also donate to help us provide face masks for our police, military and first-responder partners without making a purchase for yourself. Click here to make a donation.


    Thank you for your support!

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