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Love them! I bought both my boyfriend and I a set each as Christmas presents (how cheesy, lol). We LOVE them! We have passed the word on to other officers at both of our agencies.


I really like the shirt stay plus that I purchased from you. A fellow officer that I work with told me about the new shirt stays. One I got them, I like them so much, because they do no pop off, when I am getting in an out of the car on calls, and I View Full →


I’ve been using the shirt stays for a couple weeks now and there are absolutely no problems. I originally used the standard shirt stay that required you to spend much time to put them in place and always had them coming undone during my shift. This is a great product! Hey, I’ve received my order View Full →


Most other Google images just showed the function. I liked your image of the stay because it had the extra clip type cover. Also I noticed the adjustable piece right away that was very helpful. The price point was reasonable to chance it. I’m very happy with the stays and ordered an extra set!


I just wanted to report back to you that my husband says the shirt stays work very well although getting used to the way they feel may take some time 🙂


When I took these from the package my first thought was these things look SERIOUS! I have been a LEO for 6 years and have gone through TONS of shirt stays that were cheap and fragile. That’s all I could find even in the LEO stores. I did an online search and located your product View Full →


I bought a pair of these shirt stays and the first pair was too long. They took them back and had a shorter pair to me before the end of the week!!! I have had the same pair for about 6 months now and they are AMAZING! I have not had them snap, stretch or View Full →