As a United States Marine and a Police Officer, I've always counted on shirts stays to keep my uniform looking its best. One thing is for you sure, you haven't worn real shirt stays until you've worn SHIRT STAYS PLUS! By far the best pair of shirt stays I've ever worn and now that I own a set, ill never wear anything else!

You are probably asking yourself,
“Why should I buy these shirt stays?”

There are a ton of reasons why these are the BEST shirt stays on the market. Here are just a few:

  • They are extremely durable
  • They DO NOT snap off or come undone
  • Tested by Military and Law Enforcement officials
  • Are made with advanced industry material
  • GREAT testimonials have been provided by my customers
  • Made in the USA
  • You WILL definitely get your money’s worth
  • Once adjusted, they WILL NOT re-adjust
  • Sold in multiple Police Departments, Military and Law Enforcement Surplus
  • stores nationwide