Mr. Genao,

I couldn’t be happier with your product!  They’re absolutely perfect!!!

I am a Lieutenant with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in Cincinnati, OH.  I have worn shirt stays of various types and configurations since Day 1 of my career...  24 years.  Sooner or later, they always fail, and it’s never at an appropriate time.  I tend to be a little OCD, so when my shirt stays break it instantly irritates me.  I feel awkward without them.

Fairly recently, a local Army-Navy store changed ownership and I noticed them stocking new items and equipment.  I eagerly bought a new set of shirt stays (not yours) and they were terrible. They were very poor quality and the clasps simply did not work.

Fast forward...  one of my Sergeants was going to hit a local uniform supply store after court.  He asked me if I wanted anything.  I said, “see if they have any shirt stays”.  When he returned later he tossed your package on my desk, stating “this is all they had”.

I was extremely pleased with your product from minute one!!!!  Amazing!!!  Top quality...  tough and durable, yet flexible.  I bought another pair to hold in reserve.  I am five years out from retirement and I can assure you that I’ll be wearing your shirt stays for the remainder.

Well done, Sir !!!!!



You are probably asking yourself,
“Why should I buy these shirt stays?”

There are a ton of reasons why these are the BEST shirt stays on the market. Here are just a few:

  • They are extremely durable
  • They DO NOT snap off or come undone
  • Tested by Military and Law Enforcement officials
  • Are made with advanced industry material
  • GREAT testimonials have been provided by my customers
  • Made in the USA
  • You WILL definitely get your money’s worth
  • Once adjusted, they WILL NOT re-adjust
  • Sold in multiple Police Departments, Military and Law Enforcement Surplus
  • stores nationwide