Love them! I bought both my boyfriend and I a set each as Christmas presents (how cheesy, lol). We LOVE them! We have passed the word on to other officers at both of our agencies.


Gentlemen, I just wanted to let you know that I think these shirt stays are superior in every way to all other shirt stays out there! They are NOT overpriced at all. As with everything, you get what you pay for, and these stays are worth every penny. I have found no equal to the engineering that ...


Just received them! Nice workmanship. Glad to see that the straps are only one inch width. From the pictures, they looked wider. These are really heavy duty, almost stiff; but I fully expect them to loosen up after some use. With the workmanship and materials, these straps are solid, and I expect...


I have tried multiple brands and types of shirt stays but these have proven to be far superior. The elastic has yet to show signs of stress and putting them on couldn't be easier. The creator even offered to make a longer pair for my height. If you are a shirt stay person do yourself a favor and...


I purchased a set of your shirt stays and have been wearing them for about a week now. They are by far the most comfortable shirt stays I have worn. Other brands of shirt stays typically have metal adjusters mid way up the leg. During a take down I had one of those metal adjuster stab into my leg...


As a United States Marine and a Police Officer, I've always counted on shirts stays to keep my uniform looking its best. One thing is for you sure, you haven't worn real shirt stays until you've worn SHIRT STAYS PLUS! By far the best pair of shirt stays I've ever worn and now that I own a set, i...


Today is my first time wearing the shirt stays, and I have to say I am tremendously impressed. I'm an active duty Marine and the ones I had before irritated me to no end. I'll be sure to spread the word, worth every penny. Also, I learned about them thru Google and I saw a couple of positive revi...


I have worn shirt stays for over 8 years in the military and for 3 as a civilian. I just received your shirt stays plus today in the mail and my first impressions are…..WOW! They feel very durable and like they will do what shirt stays are designed to do….STAY! P.S. Found your website on a simple...


I purchased a pair of the y straps a few weeks ago and your claim was absolutely right, these are the best shirt stays I've had. I have to wear a dress shirt to work and these keep my shirt looking presentable and professional all day long, the best part is: I can hardly tell I'm wearing them bec...


I ordered a set of shirt stays and it came in a couple of weeks, shipped from America to the UK! They're fantastic! The quality is brilliant and I'm very pleased with my purchase! -Arthur J.


This product was suggested to me by a friend who works in the law enforcement field. I was very skeptical about wearing this product with a suit but I've seen how the product worked and that look was desired. The quality, look, and feel exceeded all my expectations. Throughout the day which inclu...

You are probably asking yourself,
“Why should I buy these shirt stays?”

There are a ton of reasons why these are the BEST shirt stays on the market. Here are just a few:

  • They are extremely durable
  • They DO NOT snap off or come undone
  • Tested by Military and Law Enforcement officials
  • Are made with advanced industry material
  • GREAT testimonials have been provided by my customers
  • Made in the USA
  • You WILL definitely get your money’s worth
  • Once adjusted, they WILL NOT re-adjust
  • Sold in multiple Police Departments, Military and Law Enforcement Surplus
  • stores nationwide